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U.S. and Canada Deliveries Updates (June 2nd 2020): Our Chocolates finally left Haiti! We should be shipping all outstanding orders next week. Thank you for your patience! /// 5AnPa5Jou - Any 5 bars or more, $5 each /// We turned 5 - Happy 5th Anniversary to us!

Frutti Tutti Chocolate Bars

Frutti Tutti Chocolate Bars

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Product Description

Fruity, Milk and Dark Bars

Paradis (47% Cacao)
A Creamy Milky Chocolate Bar

Minuit (60% Cacao)
An Introductory Dark Chocolate Bar 

Bouquet Vert (65% Cacao) 
 A Lime Dark Chocolate Bar 

6 bars (2oz/each)

2 Paradis / 2 Minuit / 2 Bouquet Vert