Paradis - Milk Chocolate - 47% Haitian Cacao – Les Chocolateries Askanya

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White packaging with Bird of Paradise (Haitian flower). Sticker with company logo (Askanya) and chocolate flavor information - Milk Chocolate  called “Paradis”. Packaging also shows Haiti country map and cacao percentage in chocolate bar: 47%. Chocolate bar is 55g or 2oz.
Paradis - Milk Chocolate
Back Sticker for Paradis - Milk Chocolate Bar with 47% Haitian Cacao. Includes Company Information, Ingredients, Nutritional Facts, Best By and Production Location

Paradis - Milk Chocolate

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Product Description
Paradis has a rich and creamy texture, with delicious chocolate flavors and subtle fruit flavors, providing additional complexity.
.47% Cacao
.Haitian Cacao
Cacao Butter